Artists Who Dedicated Their Lives to Peace

We can still see some peace movements, even though it’s hard to see. And some people dedicate their lives to the peace of the world. In this roundtable, we will try to understand the 'Peace Envoys' in every corner of the world. People are going to make a speech about those who devote their lives to peace in their country. We would like to know about the people who walked this road before us on the bridges we built for peace. We need to be informed of peace movements and their envoys in these hard days.

Join us to hear the fascinating stories of some of the most influential artists that were advocating for peace all around the globe!


Yesterday we held an event about the influencers whose mission was to promote peace and listened to their wonderful stories by representatives from their respected cultural backgrounds. Our keyspeakers shared the stories of artists from Nepal, Syria, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Thank you for those who took time to participate in this discussion and special thanks to those who agreed to educate us on the work of people with big hearts.
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