Barriers on Social Harmony

As the psychology platform of the Dunaj Instytut Dialogu, our project topic for this year is 'taboos’. In this roundtable, which is the first program of our project, we would like to discuss taboos from different perspectives and inform you about the rest of our project.

The program will be held in English and is going to take 90 minutes. An open buffet is available right after the discussion.

We started off our event with an ice-breaker game which was super for warming up the atmosphere 😊

Then we focused on the differences between #prejudices, #stereotypes, and #taboos with some open-ended questions.

We shared a different types of taboo examples from all around the world.

We touched on;

Prejudice as seeing a person and judging the whole group based on that specific personIn the end, we related to all of these topics to #respect.

#Communication, #understanding, #respect, #tolerance, and #dialogue are very important and crucial in the sense of comprehending these topics and handling the possible conflicts between different groups of some sort.