No Place for Hate Workshop

Tired of sitting at home? Would you like to spend these beautiful summer days outside with productive activities? Here is the activity you are looking for. In this program, you will meet new people and have pleasant conversations while searching for answers to some problems in the world. Workshops will be about discrimination and stereotype, and in these workshops, you will be playing some roles according to the scenario to understand the problem better and find a solution. By playing the scenarios, we will try to see the world through the eyes of different people. We will also have a discussion session where you can express your ideas freely about the problem. 
We are waiting for you all to the program where you will have fun and make the world a better place.

Yesterday we had a very friendly discussion with our new friends about hate crime. We talked about the situations causing prejudice and hate speech, the reason and results of discrimination. Thank you for your active participation. Your ideas are so precious 😊✌