The Role of International Law Mechanisms in the Protection of Human Rights

Human rights are the rights and freedoms that have been given to people from the moment of their conception. Recognizing and protecting these rights is one of the essential duties of every human being. Despite all these rights and freedoms, human life can be trivialized worldwide, and these rights can be ignored. How does the international law mechanism work, and is it sufficient to protect these rights and freedoms?

We invite you to the international panel, where people who have worked in this field from different parts of the world will speak and present their perspectives.


Eliza Rutynowska – Civil Development Forum (FOR)

Advocate trainee at the Warsaw Bar Association. Graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. Graduate (with merit) of the British Law Center Diploma in English and European Law at Warsaw University in cooperation with the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Ugur Tok – Platform Peace & Justice (PPJ)

Ugur Tok is a pro-democracy activist and academic publishing business person. His foremost aim is to restore western standards plural democracy in Turkey, which he thinks only possible through a functioning, efficient, and an independent judiciary.

Ana Ursachi – Freedom Advocacy 

Ana Ursachi is a Moldovan attorney and human rights activist who became famous due to her participation in defense of victims of politically motivated prosecutions in the Republic of Moldova. Ursachi is also known for her opposition activities, particularly as the founder of the public movement #NuMaTem (in Romanian – 'I am not afraid’). Ana Ursachi took part in anti-government protests organized by the opposition parties.


Human rights platform organized a panel about “The role of international law mechanism in the protection of human rights” with 3 speaker from 3 different countries on human rights day. In this panel we talked about legal problem and injustices have been happening around the world. Our speakers talked about their struggles against injustice in their country and they answered the questions about how international mechanisms approach these injustices. They inspired our listeners who want to support human rights activism with their experiences and gave us advice on how to move forward in protecting human rights. We thank our speakers and participants who made us spend our human rights day in an inspiring way.


10 grudnia organizowaliśmy panel pt „The Role of International Law Mechanisms in the Protection of Human Rights” za pomocą naszych wolontariuszów z platformy Praw Człowieka, który odbył się w języku angielskim. Prelegentami paneli byli Uğur Tok, Anna Ursuchi i Eliza Rutynowska. Dziękujemy wszystkim uczestnikom a szczególnie naszym prelegentom.