The Art of Living Together – Online Panel Discussion

The difference is a destiny drawn on behalf of human beings. It does not seem possible to create a uniform person by eliminating these differences in almost every field in creation, emotion, thought, and belief. So, instead of losing time and energy to reduce the differences that have been going on since the first day of humanity in the world; it is necessary to strive and to explore the ways to live together without making a cause of conflict. Achieving this and striving for this purpose is art. And how lucky human beings are, that there are heroes of the peace who devote their lives to this art. In this program, we will have the opportunity to get to know some of these heroes who contribute to the art of living together. Our speakers will present a name that is from their country but worked for universal peace. We will be happy to see you among us in our event, which will be held with valuable participants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Czechia.

Alina Piekarz, The Centre For The Thought of John Paul II.
Topic: “Pope John Paul II”George Steele, Actor and Human rights activist in Latvia.
Topic: “Martin Luther King Jr.”Oleksandr Shokalo, Cultural Philosopher, Member of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine.
Topic: “The Concept of Culture in Hryhorii Skovoroda’s Works as a Moral and Ideological Basis of Mutual Understanding, Peace and Harmony between People”Faruk Karacan, PhD candidate at Department of Political Science in University of Latvia, Chairman of board of Dialogu Nams in Latvia.
Topic: “M.Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement”Prof. Marina A. Mojeiko, Belarusian State University of Culture & Art, PhD in Philosophy.
Topic: „The Person of the World Francysk Skaryna”Tomas Stanikas, Chairman of the Vydūnas Society.
Topic: “Vilius Storostas-Vydūnas, humanist, philosopher and Lithuanian writer”

We celebrated people who worked for universal peace tremendously. Our valuable speakers reflected on their teachings and behavior. Thanks to everyone who participated!